Bulloch Co. Jail Booking and Incident Report. – 13/06/24 • Georgia Virtue

Bulloch Co. Jail Booking and Incident Report. 6/13/24 details arrests in Bulloch Co., Statesboro, Brooklet, Portal, Register and Georgia State Patrol. Incident reports come exclusively from the Sheriff’s Office.

These prison records are public records. BCSO makes them available to all media on an almost daily basis. The virtue of Georgia is just a publisher. Any questions regarding specific details should be directed to their office.

Booking reports only provide detailed information about arrests. The incident reports detailed the deputies’ responses and their subsequent reports filed with the office. Every person in the photo should be considered innocent, unless and until it was proven otherwise in court.

In 2013, a new law went into effect in Georgia prohibiting commercial sites from charging fees to remove inaccurate mugshots. The law also prohibited law enforcement agencies from making mugshots available on charging sites. As a result of changes, the photo may in some cases be deleted. To review disclaimers or request deletion The virtue of Georgiavisit ‘contacttab. Please read the full explanation before submitting a removal request.

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