Bookings at Saline County Jail, June 13

The following shows recent booking activity at the Saline County Jail as reported by law enforcement. Photos, where available, are courtesy of the Saline County Jail.

Every person is considered innocent until proven guilty by a final court judgment.

Collins, Eric Vincent

NAME: Collins, Eric Vincent

FEES REQUESTED: Failure to Appear

Imlay, Eric Charles from July 2023 arrest

NAME: Imlay, Eric Charles

CHARGES REQUESTED: Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Human Body, Interf. from LEO; obstructing/resisting/opposing an improper order, possession of marijuana; 1 previous conviction, possession of opiates, drugs or certain stimulants and failure to yield at a stop sign or yield

Lawrence, Trevor James

NAME: Lawrence, Trevor James

FEES REQUESTED: Inappropriate conduct; Fighting words or loud behavior that may cause offense

Lenon, Thomas Edgar

NAME: Lenon, Thomas Edgar

CHARGES REQUESTED: DUI; first conv.; blood or breath 0.08 or moreNo proof of insuranceTransportation of an open container

Miller, Isaac Lee

NAME: Miller, Isaac Lee

CHARGES SEEKED: Probation Violation, Use/Possession of Drugs in Paraphernalia/Human Body, and Possession of Opiates, Narcotics or Certain Stimulants

Moss, WyattBenjamin

NAME: Moss, Wyatt Benjamin

Charges sought: assault on Agg; with a deadly weapon, Criminal damage to a prop; without consent <1 thousand dollars, Criminal threat; Causing terror, evacuation or disruption, criminal deprivation of property and domestic battery: rude physical contact

Patterson, Gregory Arvell

NAME: Patterson, Gregory Arvell

FEES REQUESTED: Criminal damage to property; Value unknown

Revelations, Jermaine Otis

NAME: Revels, Jermaine Otis

FEES REQUESTED: Violation of Probation

White, Leland Stack

NAME: White, Leland Stack

FEES REQUESTED: External Warrant/NCIC Hit

Wright, Jacob Allen

NAME: Wright, Jacob Allen

CHARGES REQUESTED: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Degree Unknown

Young, Juarron Montez Lovel

NAME: Young, Juarron Montez Lovel

FEES REQUESTED: Failure to Appear