Child abuser Colin Blanchard, who encouraged nursery worker Vanessa George to sexually abuse children, has been denied parole because he still has ‘extreme sexual interests’

One of Britain’s worst pedophiles, who convinced nursery worker Vanessa George to molest dozens of children, was today refused parole because he still has “extreme sexual interests”.

Colin Blanchard (53), from Rochdale, appeared before the Parole Board at a rare two-day hearing on May 29 and 31 and told the panel he should be released.

However, the three-person panel decided that Blanchard remains a risk and announced today that he would not be considered for release again until at least 2026.

In a damning written summary, the panel warned that the former computer expert continued to “shirk” and “minimize” responsibility for his crime, and questioned whether Blanchard “truly understood his extreme sexual interests.”

It said: “He had a clear preference for prepubescent children and bestiality, which the panel said was a fetish for parents having sex with their own children.”

Colin Blanchard, 53, convinced George to abuse 64 babies and young children in her care at Little Ted Nursery in Efford, Plymouth, before sending him videos of the horrific acts

The pedophile convinced George (pictured) to abuse 64 babies and toddlers in her car

Under the heading ‘risk assessment’ it said: ‘Mr Blanchard admitted he had a sexual interest in children and bestiality. He talked about the difficulties he faced at that point in his life, including in his relationship, and how extreme sexual behavior brought him relief and helped him cope.

“He said sex then became the most important thing to him.”

In making its decision, the panel took into account Blanchard’s relationships with professionals in prison. It said: ‘Concerns have been expressed about Mr Blanchard’s contacts with professionals.

“It was reported that Blanchard could be honest in his interactions with professionals, but there were concerns that he was trying to manipulate people.

“Mr. Blanchard agreed that he may become angry and frustrated because he depends on the prison for everything in his life. He felt he received little or no support.

“The panel accepted professional evidence regarding Mr. Blanchard’s custodial behavior and his contacts with professionals.”

A nursery worker cruelly refused to give police the names of all her victims, leading to a decade of hell for families

The summary continues: “The panel noted that Mr. Blanchard does not believe he will reoffend because he believes he can now control the triggers for his offending.

“He believes that the work he did in prison helped him deal with this problem. A psychologist appointed by Mr. Blanchard’s legal representative supported his release on license and concluded that he had insight into his criminal behavior and that he could be safely treated in the community.

“All other witnesses did not support the release.”

He added: “The panel examined the release plan presented by probation officer Mr Blanchard and compared its proposals with the assessed risk. The plan included a requirement to reside in a designated residence, as well as strict restrictions on Mr. Blanchard’s contacts, movements and activities.

“Mr. Blanchard will be subject to extensive monitoring during his suspension period.

“The panel noted that there was a lack of clarity regarding Mr. Blanchard’s ability to openly discuss future risk situations. The panel found that the release plan would rely heavily on external reviews of supervision and licensing conditions.

In an extremely detailed summary of the decision, he said: “Having considered the circumstances of his offence, the progress he has made in custody and the evidence presented at the hearing, the panel was not satisfied that release at this stage would be safe for the protection of the public.

“The panel noted that Mr. Blanchard caused very serious harm to the victims with his offending. The panel found that his sexual interests were pervasive. Blanchard told the panel that he no longer experiences extreme fantasies.

“The panel acknowledged that this may be true, but had only Mr. Blanchard’s word to support it. The panel expressed concern that he was not prepared to acknowledge that these feelings might return and had not worked on strategies to help him manage his own risks if they did.

“The panel determined that greater assurance would be needed that Blanchard would be able to cope safely and that he fully understood his risks and triggers. In due course, he will be able to reconsider his application for parole.

During his sentencing at Bristol Crown Court in 2011, Blanchard was described as a “svengali” at the center of one of the “most disgusting pedophile rings this country has ever seen”.

In 2011, Blanchard was jailed indefinitely on sexual abuse charges and told he would serve a minimum of nine years. So far, he has spent a total of 12 years behind bars.

A pedophile convinced a George Nursery worker to molest 64 babies and young children in her care at Little Ted Nursery in Efford, Plymouth.

She shared videos of her attacks with Blanchard, for which she was sentenced to seven years in prison and released in September 2019.

Blanchard was originally scheduled to hear a one-day hearing on February 8, but as MailOnline revealed, it was adjourned at the last minute due to the complexity and sensitivity of the appeal.

The decision to extend the hearing by an extra day was made so that the panel could thoroughly question Blanchard, who will give evidence via video link from a closed prison.

He was comforted by the extra time he was granted at the hearing because he believed his behavior in prison and the number of sex crimes courses he had completed meant he had a good chance of being recommended for parole.

The former IT worker is currently being held at the HMP Category C facility near Leyland in Lancaster, which has a specialist facility providing accommodation for sex offenders.

The two-day hearing reflected the high profile of a case that made national headlines after Blanchard was described at trial as a perverted “svengali” who encouraged many women to abuse children for his own pleasure.

During his sentencing at Bristol Crown Court in 2011, Blanchard was described as a “svengali” at the center of one of the “most disgusting pedophile rings this country has ever seen”.

Blanchard persuaded a group of middle-aged women he met on Facebook to exploit children for his sexual pleasure.

Angela Allen and Tracey Lyons, who were jailed for their roles in the ring, have already been released from prison.

Police only discovered their activities when Blanchard forgot to log out of his personal email account and his business partner noticed child abuse images at a Manchester business.

Police officers outside Little Ted Day Care in Laira, Plymouth after it closed

After the verdict, Detective Constable Andy Pilling, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Blanchard is what all these women have in common.

“However, no one should be under the misconception that they were somehow forced to abuse children – they willingly took part in it.”

The families of many of the young victims were allowed to write statements regarding Blanchard’s potential release.

George cruelly refused to give police the names of all her victims, leading to a decade of “hell” for the families.

Blanchard’s last appeal was in 2020, when he was rejected.