Who voices Ambrosius the octopus in The Boys?

It’s the love that truly dares not speak its name: the one between an amphibian superhero (and a very good swimmer) who can talk to sea creatures and his beloved octopus.

We met Ambrosius before the fourth season of The boyswhen The Deep (Chace Crawford) was caught enjoying a personal moment with the lovestruck cephalopod.

In the first episode of season four, Deep promised his colleagues at Vought that “the octopus” had been settled in the past, but a later scene revealed the opposite to be true. And it’s not just a casual fling.

“We would no longer have to hide our love…” the eight-legged beast said sensually through the glass of its tank, inviting Deep to run away with it to the ocean. “We could just be Kevin and Ambrosius.”

But who is the sensual voice behind the sea creature? We won’t let you hang around any longer, because it’s crazy:


No, we didn’t see it coming either. Even though we knew Swinton had been cast in the new season, we just didn’t put four and four together.

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This isn’t her first appearance as a superhero: she played the Ancient One in Doctor Strange And The Avengers: Endgame. But even so, she’s best known for her roles in polished arthouse films like We need to talk about Kevin And Hotel Grand Budapest.

But this kind of left-leaning move is exactly why we love him.

The boys season four presents its first three episodes this Thursday, June 13 on Main video, with new episodes every week. Seasons 1–3 and spin-off Generation V are also broadcast on Prime Video.

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