‘She started screaming that I was attacking her’: Karen gets punched in the face after grabbing this mum’s baby

In one of the films of the French comedy series “Taxi” (if you haven’t seen it, watch at least the first two parts, it’s worth it!) there is a moment when one of the main characters, an unfortunate policeman and an overprotective father, dresses his little son in a full baseball catcher’s armor only to play football.

Well, parents are often overly concerned about the lives and health of their children – but on the other hand, history since the time of Charles Lindbergh and his son and even earlier has taught us that it is always better to be vigilant. And the story we’re going to tell you today, from u/MotherRelationship46, is about just that.

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The author of the post is the mother of a 6-month-old child who was recently walking in the park

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That day, a random lady approached my mother and started a casual conversation

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At first everything was fine, but then the lady started asking more and more about the baby

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At one point, the woman simply pulled the baby out of the stroller and started cooing and making faces at her


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The mother grabbed the baby out of the woman’s arms, pushed her away and even punched her in the nose

So the Original Poster (OP) is the mother of a 6-month-old girl who was recently walking in the park with her daughter. As usual, the baby was in the stroller, and the mother sat on a bench to rest. And then, in that beautiful moment, a random lady sat down next to her and immediately started a casual chat.

At first, as the mother herself recalls, everything was fine, but then the woman began to ask various questions about the child, his age, eating habits and so on. Who knows, maybe this lady was simply reminiscing about her own motherhood – but we can’t be sure.

What’s more, the woman then leaned over the stroller, grabbed the baby in her arms without even asking her mother’s permission, and started cooing and making faces at her. Our heroine couldn’t stand it anymore – she demanded the child back immediately, but the lady didn’t react to it. Not at all.

And at that moment, OP’s motherly instinct kicked in – she lunged forward, grabbed the baby from the woman’s arms, pushed her away – and even punched her in the face in the heat of the moment. Apparently this woman was having a hard time because she started bleeding from her nose.

A terrible scandal broke out – a woman with a bloody nose screamed that she would call the police (for some reason she still did not do it, limiting herself to threats), and our heroine was outraged that she dared to take the child away without asking. A crowd quickly formed, with some claiming the lady had stepped out of line. Others, however, looked at the author as if she were crazy – and now she hesitates whether she did the right thing in this situation.

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“Honestly, I personally don’t see anything reprehensible in this mother’s behavior – especially since in the first months after the birth of a child, many women really feel heightened feelings related to the safety of their child,” says Irina Matveeva, a psychologist and certified NLP specialist with whom Bored Panda I reached out here to comment. “It doesn’t even work on a mental level – on a hormonal and biochemical level.”

“But even if we exclude this factor, if a stranger takes the child without asking and does not respond to requests to return it, it will only be one big red flag. It’s quite possible that this woman didn’t intend to do anything dangerous, but just play with the child. But first of all, no one will check it because you can’t get into someone else’s head. Secondly, you need to ask your parent for permission anyway. Full stop,” Irina sums up.

People in the comments also massively supported the original poster, saying he was just protecting his child and doing the right thing. “You’re kidding, right? You’re literally asking if you’re (wrong) to protect your child?” – one commenter wondered. “You don’t know this lady! She just kidnapped your daughter! You’d be an idiot if you didn’t react like that.

As for the injured woman’s threat to call the police, commentators are almost certain that it would not end well for her – after all, in this case, the author of the original poster could have simply filed a claim for attempted kidnapping. “He can go to the police. But you can get out of it with 100% truth,” another person wrote. “Mom mode: on,” someone aptly summed up.

And of course, some commenters also shared similar stories from their own experiences or situations that happened to their relatives and friends. By the way, if you have ever witnessed something similar, please feel free to share your story in the comments below this post.

However, people in the comments defended the mother, claiming that she was only defending her child