A former math teacher who once appeared on “Jeopardy!” arrested when an elite New York school interrogates him over racy photos


A former prisoner and math teacher at an elite private school in Brooklyn, and a one-time candidate on “Jeopardy!” Sources say he was arrested last week as part of an investigation into the spread of sexual images on social media.

Convicted thief Winston Nguyen, who served time at Rikers for stealing $300,000 from an elderly couple, was arrested last Thursday in front of a crowd of students at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights.

Nguyen has not been charged, but the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is investigating, sources confirmed to The Post.

He was released on Saturday.

“We await a decision by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office on the charges against Mr. Nguyen,” his attorney, Frank Rothman, told The Post in an email.

“We expect some movement in the near future.”

Winston Nguyen was arrested in front of a crowd of students at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn. Erik Thomas/NY Post

A spokeswoman for Saint Ann’s, where high school tuition costs more than $60,000 a year, confirmed to the Daily Beast, which first reported this story, that Winston “is a suspect in an ongoing investigation related to the distribution of intimate images via social media.”

“Following Thursday’s arrest, the school immediately placed him on leave and he remains on leave,” the spokesman noted.

On the day of Nguyen’s arrest, Saint Ann Principal Kenyatte Reid notified parents that the middle and high school math teacher had been arrested in connection with an investigation that “began in January 2024.”

Reid did not reveal what the investigation was until days later, when he informed parents in a follow-up email that it involved “inappropriate sexual images” and that Nguyen was prohibited from contacting anyone in the school community or visiting the school, the director of The Daily Beast reports.

Nguyen teaches at St. Ann’s School as of 2020 – just a year after he arrived from Rikers Island.
Getty Images for AOL

“This incident is very disturbing to all of us,” Reid wrote. “We are proud of our incredible teaching staff and trusting learning environment.”

Nguyen teaches at St. Ann’s School as of 2020 – just a year after he was hauled away from Rikers Island for using an elderly couple as his personal piggy bank.

While working as a health advisor to the couple, he earned more than $300,000 and used it to buy ballet tickets and a trip to Florida.

While in prison, Nguyen publicly criticized conditions at the Department of Corrections, twice calling into a radio show to talk to Mayor Bill de Blasio and later filing a lawsuit against the city.

St. Ann’s stated that it conducted a comprehensive background check during the hiring process, including criminal records.

“An unacceptable criminal record should not preclude employment,” a school spokesman told The Daily Beast. “The school makes a careful and thorough assessment of the candidate’s potential fit for work at the school.”

Nguyen did not respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Saint’s School Anny is a renowned institution that boasts a list of famous graduates and employees.

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and Maya Hawk, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, are among the famous former students.

Tuition for this luxury school starts at $52,900 for preschoolers and increases to $60,525 plus a litany of additional fees for high school students.

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