“OnlyFans cop arrested for filming video groping woman on duty”

Former police officer Sean Herman (left) was fired from the Metro Nashville Police Department on May 9 after he was identified in uniform in an OnlyFans video (Photos: Getty Images/Metro Nashville Police Department)

A recently fired police officer has been arrested for allegedly appearing on OnlyFans and groping a woman on duty.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, 33-year-old Sean Herman was recorded during a mock traffic stop in which he inappropriately touched a female driver, and the video was posted to a website that pays content creators.

Police said the clip was filmed on April 26 in a warehouse parking lot while Herman was on patrol.

Detectives from the police’s Specialized Investigation Unit discovered the recording and identified Herman by his uniform. He was released on May 9.

Former police officer Sean Herman was arrested Thursday (Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department)

On Thursday, Herman was arrested at his home in Sumner County, Tennessee.

“Chief (John) Drake directed that the investigation continue after Herman was fired, which resulted in his indictment,” police said.

“This was one of the most outrageous and disrespectful acts that could be committed by anyone present here. By disrespect, I mean all employees of MNPD and this agency.”

According to the Daily Mail, the clip was posted by OnlyFans star Jordin and titled “I can’t believe he didn’t arrest me.”

The video was posted by OnlyFans star Jordin and did not show the policeman’s face (Image: AP)

It begins with Herman approaching Jordin in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and scolding her for driving too fast.

“I won’t get a ticket… I’ll show him my ass,” he says.

Herman, whose face is not visible, tells Jordin that she was driving 65 mph in a 45 mph zone and asks for her driver’s license and registration.

When she replies that she doesn’t have any and shows her breasts, Herman says, “Ma’am, the year is 2024. I can see breasts on the Internet any time.”

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– What if you touched them? – she says, and he does so, grabbing his genitals by his pants.

The clip ends with Herman releasing Jordin with only a warning.

Herman was arrested on two counts of misconduct and a criminal court judge set his bail at $3,000.

He served in the police for three years before being fired.

Herman was arrested just weeks after it was revealed that a San Diego police officer resigned after admitting to locking himself in a squad car with a female suspect who wanted sex.

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