A father and son firefighting duo share what it’s like to work side by side

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Father’s Day is approaching, and a local father-son duo is sharing their story of what it’s like to work side by side.

“Not only does he have my last name, but the fact that he actually does the job that I did, it makes me feel good,” Willie Marshall Sr. said.

From an early age, Willie Marshall Jr. he saw his dad work as a firefighter and now he is a firefighter himself. He says he doesn’t see himself doing any other job.

Willie Marshall Sr

“It was a great experience. I know that if I have any questions, concerns or concerns, I can always go back to my dad and get insight and insight into what to do next,” Willie Jr. said. .

Willie Sr. says it means the world to him to be able to support his son not only as a firefighter, but also in life.

“And now, thanks to my career in the fire service, I’m back on the sidelines and I can cheer him on. It’s a proud moment. I mean, I believe for any father to see the impact that teaching, guiding and cultivating his child to get him to this place in life is, I think, a proud moment for any father, but especially for this father,” Willie said senior.

Willie Marshall Sr

It’s a family affair that both senior and junior are more than proud to share.

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