House of Wisdom students and tutors of the month

My Neighborhood News Network has partnered with House of Wisdom, a Lynnwood-based nonprofit that supports high school and immigrant students. Starting today, we will start inviting students and tutors to the House of Wisdom program. The aim is to showcase local youth and their aspirations for the future.

You can learn more about the House of Wisdom in our previous story here.

Students of the month


Ian is 12 years old and attends Hazelwood Primary School. In his free time, he likes studying and taking breaks. He is most proud of his grades. In the future, Ian hopes to become a professional Fortnite player and soccer player. He works on achieving these goals by playing Fortnite and going to soccer practices to get better at both activities.


Eggeh Sira Sow attends Kamiak High School. Outside of school, he likes to play basketball. In the future, she would like to continue her studies at university and take part in art shows. Her dad is the most important person in her life because he was an inspiration to her and her siblings, he motivated them and always wanted the best for them.

Educators of the month

And I

Aya is an international student from Japan who attends Edmonds College. In Japan, Aya graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in economics, history and culture, and international studies. In his free time, he actively volunteers at the House of Wisdom and goes to the beach with his friends. Last quarter, Aya earned a 4.0 grade point average in all of her classes. Aya hopes to volunteer in other places in the future, gain experience to help/contribute to other people and make new connections. After completing her international studies, she would like to work in the USA and work in an organization similar to the United Nations. Aya’s family is the most important person in her life because they supported her.


Cai is a student at Edmonds College, studying Finance and Computer Science. In the future, he would like to work at Goldman Sachs as an equity research analyst and hopefully own a startup. Cai’s greatest achievement is obtaining the highest grades in her home country (Indonesia) in mathematics and economics. Outside of school, Cai enjoys exercising and playing computer games, and runs the computer science club at Edmonds College. A fun and quite surprising fact about Cai is that he knows every Taylor Swift song. The most important person in Cai’s life is his dad – he works very hard to provide for Cai so he can study in the US as an international student.