Another juror was dismissed from Karen Read’s trial, with the judge only saying it was a "personal"

A second juror was dismissed this week from Karen Read’s murder trial in Massachusetts.

Read, a former financial analyst and former Bentley University professor, is accused of murdering her policeman boyfriend John O’Keefe in Canton. She was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Prosecutors say a woman hit her boyfriend in a car while she was drunk and left him in the snow outside another officer’s home on a cold day in January 2022. Her defense claims police are framing her as part of a cover-up – a case involving a prominent vigilante family laws.

A second juror was dismissed from the proceedings this week following a sideline interview with Judge Beverly Cannone on Friday morning. The judge said she excused the juror for personal reasons.

Courtroom cameras were briefly turned off after a juror appeared on camera as she approached the judge’s bench. Court TV described the woman as being in her 50s. Footage of the proceedings was later restored via a Zoom link, and the trial continued for its 25th day.

Second juror dismissed from Karen Read murder trial. The defendant is accused of murdering her policeman boyfriend, John O’Keefe, in January 2022 (Boston Globe)

Earlier this week, another judge was fired. There are currently 15 people on the jury, including six men and nine women.

Jennifer McCabe, Read’s friend, was with her when they discovered O’Keefe’s body lying in the snow outside Brian and Nichole Albert’s home. A group of friends went to the mansion after spending the night at a local bar.

On the witness stand, McCabe said Read asked her to Google how long it would take for someone to die in the snow. Court documents show that McCabe looked up the following sentence: “hos (sic) die of cold.”

Read’s trial has been going on for almost a month.