The 12-year-old supports her buddies in blue by selling lemonade and more

EAST PEORIA (25News Now) – Once a week, 12-year-old Brooklyn Tolley fills two blue refrigerators with lemonade and sells each glass for a dollar, but instead of saving the money, she uses it to buy gifts for first responders.

Since 2020, Brooklyn has been using the idea of ​​a good old summer lemonade stand to raise money for the “Brooke’s Love for Heroes” fund. It sells lemonade, bracelets, hair bows and key chains.

Last year, she raised $1,000 and used the money to buy more bracelets, goody bags and Girl Scout cookies, which she distributed to local police stations.

“He knows they are there when and if he needs them,” said Brooklyn’s mother, Sidnee Tolley. “They risk their lives every day for people they don’t know and they don’t think twice about it.”

Sidnee says Brooklyn supports all first responders, but generally focuses on her blue-tagged buddies. She has made friends with the Peoria Police Department, but knows almost everyone at the East Peoria Police Department.

Brooklyn is also listening to news of police officers being injured or K-9 dog deaths across the state. With her funds, she sends a card and a handmade blanket to keep them comfortable while they recover.

Photos Brooklyn received from police officers after cards and blankets were sent regarding the K-9’s injury or death(WEEK)

Sidnee says there are no first responders in their family and Brooklyn simply chose to donate her time and money to police officers because they are her heroes.

“I like that he loves first responders as much because not many kids do that, at least not police officers. They don’t get the love they deserve, so since she likes them as much as she does, we’re proud of her,” Sidnee said.

Once a week, on Friday or Saturday, there is a lemonade stand in Brooklyn, and you can find more information about specific locations and hours on its Facebook page.

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