Vietnamese-German manufacturer qu collaborates with Serious Klein to create ‘stronger’

Vietnamese-German producer qu collaborates with Serious Klein to create “stronger”, a song about survival in difficult times.

The calm and warm beat follows a low baseline that lays the foundation for the instrumentation. The electronic elements give off a Californian West Coast vibe that allows German rapper Serious Klein to set a smooth, melodic tone.

“Stronger” was one of the last songs on the album. I created the beat in the summer of 2022 and refined it during the album production stage. I first met Serious Klein in 2018 at Redbull Studios in Berlin. He often collaborated with Rascal, another producer and friend, and was always an inspiration to me,” says qu.

Initially, I was a huge fan of his work from a distance, but over the years we met several times and exchanged beats and ideas. I even helped produce his comeback single “White Knight (feat. Josh Kye)” after a two-year hiatus. I finally asked him to be a part of my project and it was a beautiful moment when I realized I had gone from a fan to a collaborator.

The accompanying video, directed by Highsnobiety’s in-house videographer Gary Emekwa, features Serious Klein in the middle of an endless car journey as he drives to an unknown destination to symbolize the need for growth and exploration of escapism. While perfectly conveying the message of the song, it also expresses the need to focus on yourself.

Explaining this concept further, Emekwa says, “Through this narrative, I try to visually represent the struggle and hopeful change that can come when you break free from an environment that tries to drag you down.”

This track will be taken from qu’s upcoming debut album Where did the sun gos, a 15-track album on which qu has been collaborating with artists from London, Europe and America, trying to implement his natural style of instrumentation.

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