Wagener highlights growing abuse crisis – FBC News

Women and girls increasingly face various forms of violence, including online harassment, misogynistic hate speech, sexual harassment, image exploitation and grooming by predators.

This was highlighted by UN Resident Coordinator in Fiji, Dirk Wagener, during his speech yesterday at the launch of the second phase of the Pacific Partnership to End Violence against Women and Girls in Suva.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Fiji states that these issues are deeply rooted in a patriarchal context in which violence serves as a mechanism of control over women.

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“But violence against women is only the tip of the iceberg of this fundamental social problem, which develops in a patriarchal context in which violence functions as a mechanism of control over women.”

She adds that this pervasive violence not only harms the physical and mental well-being of women and girls, but also limits their participation in society.

“The discrimination, violence and abuse that targets half of humanities scholars comes at a high price. It limits the participation of women and girls in all areas of life, deprives them of fundamental rights and freedoms, and blocks the equal and sustainable economic growth that our world so desperately needs.”

In response to these challenges, stakeholders are calling for transformative action to end violence against women and girls.