4 Indians Arrested in US for Human Trafficking: Victims ‘Forced into Software Labor’

Four people of Indian origin arrested on human trafficking charges in US | (X, formerly Twitter/ @sudhakarudumula)

New Delhi: Four people of Indian descent were arrested in Texas and charged with human trafficking — a second-degree felony in that state — after police found 15 women living in the same home and sleeping on the floor.

Santhosh Katkoori, Dwaraka Gunda, Anil Male and Chandan Dasireddy were arrested after the Princeton Police Department in North Texas raided a home belonging to Katkoori in early March this year. Police have now released information about the case after a months-long investigation.

In March, a pest control company that came to Katkoori’s home found three to five young women and several suitcases in each room, Fox 4 News reported, prompting her to contact Princeton police.

On March 13, police obtained a search warrant and found 15 adult women who said they were forced to work for multiple sham software companies owned by Katkoori and his wife, Gunda.

Princeton police said a search of the home turned up several laptops, cell phones, printers and fake documents. The investigation revealed that the alleged forced labor network operated in at least three Texas cities — Melissa, Princeton and McKinney.

Additional laptops and documents were seized from various locations. The perpetrators were also found to have allegedly forced adult males to work, although the Princeton Police Department did not mention the type of programming work they were asked to do.

According to Fox 4 News, more than 100 people were allegedly involved in the operation, more than half of whom were victims of human trafficking and forced labor.

(Edited by Tikli Basu)

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