Joey King and Channing Tatum reunite 11 years after White House fall

Courtesy of Joey King/Instagram

King Joey reunited with Channing Tatum more than a decade after he played his on-screen daughter in The White House in ruins.

“A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!” King, 24, wrote on Instagram on Monday, July 8, alongside a carousel of photos. “And I got to hang out with Channing tonight was amazing thank you @fallontonight.”

The post included a photo of King, 44, and Tatum smiling as they embraced, as well as another photo Evening program host Jimmy Fallon greeting King outside her dressing room. King also included photos of herself backstage and a clip of someone knocking on her door before she opened it with a goofy expression on her face.

This Magic Mike On Monday, the star shared a photo of King on her Instagram Story, showing a funny shot of the actress sticking out her tongue before the performance.

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“This young woman was (a) little baby when I had the pleasure of working with her,” Tatum wrote. “Now. She is a full-blown powerhouse of an actress and woman. Just wow. You will (always) be my little Joey! I don’t care how big you grow.”

Both King and Tatum have come a long way since working together. The White House in ruinsIn the 2013 film, a divorced police officer (Tatum) tries to save his daughter (King) and the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) during the devastating terrorist attack on the White House.

Channing Tatum and Joey King in “Olympic House Down” Cover photos

Political action thriller — directed by: Roland Emmerich — also highlighted Maggie Gyllenhaal AND Jason Clarkeenjoying great interest from viewers and grossing over $205 million at the worldwide box office.

Monday wasn’t the first time King has reunited with her ex-father on-screen. She briefly starred alongside Tatum in the 2022 film. Express train when he appeared in an uncredited cameo role.

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King Evening program the visit was another stop on the promotional tour for her new film, Family matterco-directing Zac Efron AND Nicole Kidman.

King told Fallon, 49, that she was “gracious” to the fact that she’s a huge fan of Efron, 36, since High School Musical days.

“I sang on the set,” she said, before humming “Scream” from the third installment of the series.

She added: “He sang with me, and that was great. And he was also, again, in great shape. He helped me learn about my protein intake. He’s very helpful with wellness tips.”

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Efron also revealed himself to be a fan of King, saying Entertainment per week in a joint interview earlier this month that she has the same acting skills as him 17 Again associate Matthew Perry.

“Her stunt — when you walk into the room while Nicole and I are having sex — is one of the funniest things ever,” Efron told the outlet. “I think it was one of the most brilliant physical comedy scenes I’ve seen in a long time. It was so funny. In a Matthew Perry kind of way. It was brilliant.”

The king told Ephron, “Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Oh, God.”

Tatum, for his part, remained close to King long after their work together ended.

“He’s just a funny, happy person,” she said. Entertainment per week in 2013. “Working with him was amazing. We got along really well on set, we really got along. We have this handshake called ‘The Chan-shake’… We got to do a lot of cool things together.”