Boy, 15, left in vegetative state after giving the finger from a jetty was ‘left like a newborn’

A 15-year-old boy was left in a “vegetative state” after doing a somersault from a jetty.

The boy, named as Jack Dolan, is now left with “no quality of life” after jumping from Stone Pier in Margate, Kent, and landing face first in the water on June 23.

He reportedly “spinned” and landed “face first in the water” during the stunt, which he had performed numerous times before the incident.

However, on the fateful day, he spent eight minutes underwater before being rescued by a kayaker.

Jack Dolan jumped from a pier in Margate, landing head first and remaining underwater for eight minutes. (The Dolan family)

Sadly, by the time he was rescued he had already suffered a cardiac arrest and King’s College Hospital in London later discovered he had suffered serious brain injuries.

His family was then informed of the terrible news: he had only two years to live.

Speaking to MailOnline, his stepfather Dave Dolan said: “This has been our worst nightmare. We are heartbroken. It’s sickening. He’s alive, but it’s like he’s not here anymore.

“He was my best friend. We can’t explain how cruel this all is.”

He then added: “I’ve been by his side since the beginning, I’ve been holding his hand.”

Sadly, doctors have given Jack only two years to live. (Triangle News)

The heartbreaking accident happened when Jack visited Stone Pier beach for the first time without parental supervision with his friends and girlfriend.

Due to his ADHD diagnosis, his parents were protective of him as he was not always able to control his impulses.

His stepfather thought he didn’t realize the height of the platform before jumping, and he lost consciousness when he landed head first.

According to reports, the accident left him brain dead with no signs of activity in his brain stem.

Dave said: “We can’t even begin to understand how this could have happened. He was so fit and active. His life was one of movement, going out and being active.

Jack was photographed doing a similar somersault while on holiday last year. (Triangle News)

“He wanted to be in the Royal Marines. He wasn’t a very cultured child, but he was very active and loved the outdoors and improving himself.”

The devastated stepfather continued: “Our lives have been turned upside down because of this. It has broken us.

“He’s like a newborn baby. He can’t move. He only has one heartbeat and that’s it. There’s no eye contact. He can’t talk.

“His smile was one of his greatest assets and he doesn’t have it anymore. There’s nothing there. He had a bright, radiant smile but now it’s gone.”

“It’s horrible. I can’t explain how cruel it is to see and deal with. He’ll never get it back.”

The teenager is now in a vegetative state. (Triangle News)

“We will never see that smile or hear that laugh again. It’s devastating. It was something he loved to do. He had done it so many times before.”

Jack leaves behind his mother Lisa and two sisters, aged eight and ten.

For now, they plan to bring him home to care for him, and Lisa is to receive palliative care training so they can manage his necessary health care from her own home, rather than in a hospital.

However, this will require specialist equipment which the family will need help funding – if you would like to donate to their JustGiving page click here.