AFTV star Troopz faces criticism after shaming ‘disgraceful’ mother for buying her daughter a McDonald’s breakfast before school when her child ‘already weighed over 10 stone’

AFTV star Troopz has enraged fans by calling it a “disgrace” for parents to buy their children a McDonald’s breakfast before school.

The former Arsenal Fan TV presenter, 36, whose real name is Aumar Hamilton, caused a stir on Channel X when he called a woman a “bad girl” for letting her eight-year-old daughter eat the popular fast food breakfast before class.

The British star and father-of-two explained that his disappointment stemmed from the fact that the little girl looked like she weighed “over 10 stone”.

His statement was not received well by his supporters, who were quick to point out his inappropriate habits, claiming he was “smoking a whore in front of his children.”

Meanwhile, others painted a picture of what raising children looks like, adding that the challenges of parenting sometimes require allowing a “reward” before school.

AFTV star Troopz has enraged fans by calling parents who buy their children a McDonald’s breakfast before school a “disgrace” (pictured: Troopz at a football match)

The former Arsenal Fan TV presenter, 36 – real name Aumar Hamilton – caused a stir on X when he posted his tirade

Addressing X he wrote: “Sorry, if you buy your child breakfast at McDonald’s before school you are a total NOISE!!

‘I have just seen a woman and her child eating one, the child is about eight years old and already weighs over 10 stone. The mother is a misbehaving ‘mute’.

According to the Collins dictionary, a dishonest or unscrupulous person is exactly that – as Troopz claimed – it was an unknown woman who bought the child McDonald’s food before the start of the school year.

People flocked to Troopz’s post to share their thoughts. While the comments were divided, many were unimpressed by his statement.

In response to the host’s question, someone wrote: “But you smoke a whore in front of yours?”

“Brother, you’re smoking a whore in front of your own people,” agreed another.

One user posted a similar comment: “You smoke marijuana and constantly swear in front of your kids.”

In an interview with RTM Records earlier this year, the personality revealed that he started “smoking s**t at age 10,” although it has not been confirmed whether he ever did so in front of his children.

The British personality and father of two has called a woman “inappropriate” for allegedly allowing her eight-year-old daughter to eat a popular fast food breakfast before class

The statement was not well-received by his supporters, who were quick to point out his own inappropriate habits. Meanwhile, some parents defended the woman’s actions, saying they could have been a “reward” for the child

Elsewhere, some parents defended their actions, saying they had every right to give their children a “reward.”

“I buy my kids once a Russian year. There’s no shame in not doing it often and as a reward,” one person explained.

One woman wrote, “Jamaican to Jamaican… Try being a mom for a week! And with a toddler. You’d probably give up if you had to switch roles with me.

“Although I’ve never tried a McDonald’s breakfast for my daughter, I do it as a reward or on days when she doesn’t want anything else. There’s nothing wrong with parents doing this!”

A third told Troopz not to “judge”: “While it’s not good to do it every day, it can be a reward for something the child did. Don’t judge until you know the whole story.”

Troopz, whose mother is from Jamaica and father from Pakistan and Morocco, rose to fame in the early days of AFTV (then known as Arsenal Fan TV) when he was an outspoken critic of Arsène Wenger.

He still regularly comments on Arsenal affairs online, although he is no longer a regular contributor to AFTV. He now works for the American company Barstool Sports.