Here’s How GEN V Ties Into THE BOYS Season 4

The boys“Season four changes things up in a lot of ways. We find out what happens to Hughie’s dad after he takes Compound V, A-Train and Ashley team up to cover his tracks, and most of the Boys team works with Victoria Neuman and Stan Edgar on a mission involving murderous farm animals. (I know.) Speaking of the latter, The boys links in Generation V in several ways, including appearances by Cate Dunlap, Tek Knight, and Sam Riordan. Let’s dive into this whole evil mess.

Butcher Tells Boys About God U’s Deadly Virus

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Desperation to get rid of horrible superheroes like Firecracker, Homelander, and Victoria Neuman is at its peak, so Butcher decides to tell the team about a virus that can kill superheroes by frying them to extract Compound V. MM and the others are annoyed but not shocked that he withheld information again. Butcher knows Victoria has the assets, so he works with MM to make a deal with Stan Edgar. They visit the former Vought head in prison and say they will help him get exonerated and gain custody of Zoe. Stan is very angry that Victoria betrayed him and gave Compound V to Zoe, so he agrees to help.

Butcher is so obsessed with getting more of this super-killer virus that he kidnaps Victoria’s baby’s father, Sameer, cuts off his leg, and threatens to do more if he doesn’t do more. He doesn’t want to do that because the virus would spread through the air and kill anyone with Compound V in their veins. Ugh.

Victoria Neuman Conducts Animal Experiments and Most Deadly Viruses Are Gone

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The boys’ team (sans Hughie) and Stan head to a secluded house he owns to see if Victoria is hiding the super-killer virus there. Not only was she keeping it there, but she was also having a team of researchers, including Zoe’s father Sameer, experiment on small animals. Victoria presumably wants to perfect it so she can take down Homelander. A hamster has run amok, Compound V has seeped into the water supply, and the farm has become an unpleasant space. The team battles deadly sheep and flying chickens before discovering that there is only one dose of the super-killer virus left.

She won’t be thrilled about Butcher taking Sameer. She’s also not too keen on working with Homelander and Sage, but she’s willing to do anything to become the next President of the United States. With billionaires in her back pocket, the world is at her feet.

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Generation V Characters Tek Knight, Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan are present The boys Season 4

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We receive some familiar faces from Generation V at a convention to announce Vought’s upcoming media phases. T ek Knight announces a film called The Tek Knight with a dark sequence and an awesome soundtrack. (God, I love this show.) Then the “Guardians of Godolkin” come out to announce their show Flipped. Cate plays a stuck-up sorority girl, Sam is a nerd, but a gypsy swaps their bodies. Honestly, this show looks awful.

Sam and Cate also appear at Vought with The Protector and the Seven. The Protector says they will now be wrathful gods and Cate happily agrees to do what he wants. Sam, on the other hand, looks scared and doesn’t have much to say. Aside from a brief TV report about Marie and the others disappearing, there hasn’t been much mention of the children of God U so far. We’ll see how Cate and Sam will play a larger role in the final episodes.

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Episode six features a lot of Tek Knight and his Tek Cave, where we find out he was working with Homelander to use his prisons as camps. Wow. He’s dead now, thanks to his butler, but we don’t know how far they got in their plan.

We know that The boys Season four will likely end on a note that prepares us for Generation Vsecond season. Maybe we’ll see where Marie and her friends are hiding. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of The Tek KnightAnyway, we love the way The boys blends perfectly Generation V in his story.