“The most important thing is that no one was seriously injured, and only material losses were recorded”

A fire destroyed part of the plants of the Spanish company Reyes Gutiérrez, which grows avocados and mangoes.

Last Friday, a large fire ravaged part of the facilities of the Spanish subtropical fruit company Reyes Gutiérrez, located in the municipality of Vélez-Málaga. The flames, which could be seen from several kilometers away, started in the morning and took about six hours to extinguish.

As a result of a fire that destroyed part of the facilities of a company producing and selling avocados and mangoes, as well as juices and sauces, approximately 6 people were injured or harmed.

Reyes Gutiérrez’s manager, Juan Antonio Reyes Gutiérrez, said that “the most important thing is that no one was seriously injured and only material damage is reported.”

“The Reyes Gutiérrez family would like to inform you that all of our processing and service facilities are still operating at 100% and that we have only sustained material damage to a small warehouse, separated from the main facilities,” he said.

“We cannot find words to express the enormous gratitude we feel, especially towards all our employees who behaved exemplary and conscientious during the evacuation, cooperating at all times,” says the company manager.

“We also want to thank our wonderful state and local law enforcement who were there in a heartbeat and prevented, thank God, the fire from spreading,” he says. “A big thank you to all our friends and partners for their messages and calls of encouragement!”

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