NYU Settles Injunction Lawsuit Over Rampant Anti-Semitism on Campus for ‘Confidential’ Amount

A federal lawsuit that accused New York University of failing to seriously combat anti-Semitism on campus during Israel’s war with Hamas has been settled for a “confidential” sum, both sides said Tuesday.

“We are committed to continuing our vigorous efforts to combat discrimination, including anti-Semitism, and settling this litigation is another step in that direction,” NYU President Linda Mills said in a statement.

In April, anti-Israel protesters organize a disruptive encampment on the New York University campus. William Farrington
Students protest against Israel’s war in Gaza. Getty photos

The statement comes after the court on Monday canceled oral arguments on NYU’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Arguments were originally scheduled to be heard Tuesday morning.

Details of the settlement involving the university and the four plaintiffs, all Jewish students at NYU, will remain “confidential” — including its “financial” terms, the university and opposing attorneys said in a joint statement.

However, the school said it has committed to appointing a new Title VI coordinator — a civil rights-era law that protects people with protected characteristics — to ensure NYU “responds appropriately and consistently to allegations of discrimination and harassment.”

The school said it will also review its guidelines on the use of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism and update its expectations for student conduct documents accordingly.

“NYU is commendable for taking a leadership position among American universities in combating anti-Semitism on campus with this historic settlement,” the students’ attorney, Marc Kasowitz, who is also prosecuting anti-Semitism lawsuits against several higher education institutions, said in a statement.

“Other universities should follow suit as soon as possible.”