Two Britons arrested in Ibiza after tourist robbed of £105,000

Three people were arrested (Photo: Ajuntament d’Eivissa)

Two Britons and a Frenchman have been arrested on suspicion of theft after a valuable watch was stolen in Ibiza.

The victim was robbed of a watch worth £105,000 as he left a bar in an “exclusive” area of ​​the Balearic capital on Thursday, June 4.

He told police the attackers cut his wrist so they could remove his watch.

Police have arrested three men, one British and one French, on suspicion of belonging to a criminal gang, assault and forgery – one of the suspects is accused of using a stolen ID card.

During the arrests, officers also found radio jammers and car tracking devices.

In Ibiza, thefts of designer watches are not uncommon, but are usually carried out by gangs from Italy, Morocco or Eastern Europe.

A man was robbed as he left a bar (Photo: Zowy Voeten/Getty Images)

The arrests took place on Sunday, three days after the theft, but details about the case have not been released until now.

A police spokesman said: “Ibiza National Police officers from the UDEV unit, which specialises in combating specialist and violent crime, have arrested two British men and a Frenchman, aged 34, 23 and 21, on suspicion of belonging to a criminal gang, robbery and forgery.

The incident which led to their arrests last Sunday occurred on Thursday, July 4, when the victim of a robbery reported the theft of a watch worth £105,000.

The tourist said that as he was leaving the bar, he was surrounded by a group of people of North African descent who cut his wrist to take his watch.

During the arrest operation, a large amount of equipment used to commit this type of crime was seized, including signal jamming devices and car tracking devices.

“The watch has not yet been recovered and police investigations are ongoing.”

Last month, DJ Franky Wah appealed for help after his “priceless items” were stolen in Ibiza.

He said criminals broke into his car outside a restaurant in the village of Jesus and took “everything” inside, including music and a laptop, offering a reward for their return.

A few days earlier, Sampdoria footballer Cristiano Piccini lost a luxury watch in Ibiza when thieves on motorbikes tried to run him and his wife over in front of their children in broad daylight.

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