Burglars posing as construction workers in reflective vests arrested in North Hollywood – NBC Los Angeles

Members of a burglary gang disguised as construction workers in Los Angeles may have traded in their helmets for handcuffs.

The group, dubbed the “Reflector Vest Crew,” was arrested in a joint operation by detectives from the North Hollywood Division and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday.

The arrests were made on June 27 and July 3, following an extensive investigation into a series of residential burglaries in the affluent Los Angeles neighborhoods of Studio City, West Los Angeles and West Hollywood between March and June 2024.

Their signature tactic was to send a gang member wearing a high-visibility vest to knock on doors without arousing too much suspicion, assessing whether homes were occupied before other suspects broke in.

The group allegedly engaged in the theft of luxury items such as expensive handbags, jewelry, watches and cash.

“The defendants used multiple rental vehicles and sophisticated techniques to thwart detectives from identifying them,” Los Angeles police said in a statement.

Investigators eventually caught the suspects during a home invasion in Studio City on June 27.

The three primary suspects have been identified as Roderick Dennis, 39, of Los Angeles, Michael Mitchell, 21, of Ontario, and Munya Jones, 21, of Los Angeles.

On July 3, authorities executed a search warrant that led to the arrest of Ashley Ellison, 33, the girlfriend of defendant Roderick Dennis.

Ellison was accused of renting vehicles used in burglaries and storing stolen items in her home.

The search yielded thousands of dollars, two stolen firearms, jewelry appraisals and additional evidence linking the suspects to the crimes.

All three male suspects were charged with multiple home burglaries, while Ellison was charged with receiving stolen goods.

The Los Angeles Police Department is appealing to the public to come forward with any additional information related to these break-ins as detectives work to identify potential additional suspects and victims.