Elementary school students raised over $600

The Mineola School District is proud to recognize the kindergartners and second-graders from Meadow Drive School for collectively raising over $600 for charity.

The kindergarten class raised $460 to donate to Operation Smile, a nonprofit that performs cleft lip and palate repairs on children around the world. When the students learned about Operation Smile, they planned a fundraiser to raise money for the organization.

The kindergarten class held a bracelet sale to raise funds and handmade bracelets that were sold to benefit the cause. The students filmed a video ad that was shared with the school community to raise awareness.

Kindergarten teachers: Mrs. Dilemme, Mrs. Reyhanian, Mrs. O’Malley, Mrs. Silverman, Mrs. Paulik, and Mrs. Andreuzzi led the students through planning and implementing the fundraiser.
Thanks to the generosity of parents, friends, and staff, the class raised $460 for Operation Smile.

Kindergarten students received certificates from Operation Smile for their hard work and dedication.

Meadow Drive Kindergartners from Mrs. Andreuzzi’s Class
certificates they received

Meadow Drive School’s second grade class raised $176.50 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The students were inspired by a Mineola high school student who raised money for cancer patients.

With the help of school principal Jennie Fahey and Mrs. Fahey of Meadow Drive, the students started the Joy Club. The club partnered with high school sophomore Justin Spera and his Changing TO Morrows fundraiser.

The students met with Spera to plan a bake sale and bracelet fundraiser at the PTA meeting. All proceeds went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. With the help of parents and staff, the second-grade students raised $176.50.

In total, Meadow Drive School students raised $636.50 for Operation Smile and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Mineola School District is proud of its students for their dedication to helping others and organizing fundraisers.