Peloton Wins Trademark Case Against ‘The Women’s Peloton’ in Belgium

Peloton recently won a lawsuit over the use of the name “Peloton” in the company’s branding. The lawsuit was filed against a Belgian company for women called “The Women’s Peloton.”

Elke Bleyaert, wife of professional cyclist Jasper Stuyven, founded The Women’s Peloton in 2021. The group is an online company and community for female cyclists. According to their website (translation):

“Peloton Women wants to improve the cycling experience for women. By investing in knowledge, we want to ensure that women get to know their bodies, their bikes, and their equipment better. In this way, we hope that women will ride with more confidence and continue to pursue their passion!”

The website states that “The Women Peloton offers a membership where all the important information is shared through videos, webinars, class series and workouts,” and also has an online store with some items for sale.

Peloton sued Bleyaert for using “Peloton” in its brand name, which it won. Velo reports that the case has been ongoing for “several years,” noting that “Blayaert defended her group for several years in a series of legal proceedings before ultimately losing the case on appeal this month.”

In a press release about the ruling, Blayaert said:

I wanted to go to court not only on my behalf, but also on behalf of all the companies that are passionate about cycling.

To our knowledge, Peloton made multiple attempts to resolve the matter amicably, but ultimately had to take legal action to protect its trademark.

Peloton said in a statement:

Supporting the community is at the heart of what we do at Peloton. While we may not own the popular term “Peloton” or want to prevent others from using it in connection with cycling, it is important that we protect current and future Peloton members when others use confusingly similar names to sell products and services comparable to ours.

The women’s Peloton will have to change its name within the next three months or pay a fine of 500 euros ($540) for each day it does not change its name.

As some commentators have noted, Peloton currently does not operate in Belgium. However, they have registered the rights to the name “Peloton” in several European and EU countries, as well as other countries around the world. Sporza provided more details on this, along with an explanation (translated) from Marie-Christine Janssens, a trademark specialist at KU Leuven.

“You can register any word in the dictionary and have exclusive rights to it, albeit in the domain your company specializes in. In this case, the word is registered for everything related to sports. The court applies the following criterion: is there a risk that the consumer will associate this new brand with the original company? That is enough.”

Peloton has a long history of protecting its trademarks—particularly around the name “Peloton.” In 2018, Peloton sent letters to Shane Miller (GPLama) regarding the use of “Digital Peloton News” on his YouTube show. In that case, after further communication, Peloton accepted his argument that he “uses the term ‘peloton’ descriptively, not as a trademark, and that you are not aware that any consumer would be confused by your use.”

Exterior view of Peloton Studios in New York City.

Peloton recently found itself in a dispute with Peloton Cold Brew after filing a trademark invalidation petition with the USPTO. Part of that dispute centered on how Peloton has a “cafe” where you can buy smoothies at PSNY and PSL, and Peloton occasionally mentions food, coffee, and nutrition on social media and blog posts.

At this time, it is unclear what the future holds for The Women’s Peloton rebrand.

This article has been updated with a press release and additional information from The Women’s Peloton website.

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