Are Once Human servers down? How to check server status and maintenance

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  • As of this writing, the Once Human servers are online and working as expected. However, some of them are experiencing issues as there are still reports of EU and NA players being unable to access the game.

Live service game launches are often the proverbial slaughterhouse, and with the recent launch of Once Human , players have predictably rushed to check out Starry Studio’s new survival shooter. Unfortunately, a huge wave of people arriving at once spells bad news for each game’s servers, as several recent complaints have proven.

At the time of writing, while the servers are online and working as intended, some EU and NA players have reportedly had issues accessing the game’s servers, with most unable to log in. While the development team has yet to confirm these network issues, they could be due to the sudden influx of players following the launch of Once Human.

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Aside from acknowledging the character creation issue that’s keeping you locked out of the server until August, Starry Studio has yet to provide a statement or fix for these ongoing server issues. So for now, it’s best to stay in the queue and wait for the developers to provide a final solution. We’ll also continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available, so stay tuned.

How to check the status of the Once Human server?

You can check the status of the Once Human server by joining its official Discord server or checking the game info. Twitter/X Account. Starry Studio usually posts announcements regarding network issues, planned maintenance periods, or upcoming updates through these channels. Alternatively, you can also head over to the game’s Facebook account, as this page similarly receives the latest updates from the development team.

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