WATCH LIVE: Firefighters Demand Higher Pay at Brevard County Commission Meeting

the meeting starts at 5:00 p.m.


ABOVE VIDEO: 7/9/2024 – Brevard County Commission Meeting


C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner Rob Feltner, District 4
D. MINUTES OF APPROVAL: Special Budget Workshops of February 29, 2024; April 9, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024; Regular Meeting April 23, 2024; Zoning May 2, 2024
Meeting; May 7, 2024 Regular meeting;
E.1. A resolution recognizing the South Brevard Debutante Assembly Committee, Inc. in its
55th anniversary.
E.2. Resolution recognizing Space Coast hurricanes as national leaders
Theatre on Ice. (District 2)
F. CONSENT PROGRAM (The entire consent program will be accepted in one application
(Include everything in section F.)
Development and Environmental Services Group
Mosquito control

F.1. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Agriculture
Environmental Services, Detailed Budget Work Plan 2024-2025 – Arthropod Control
Planning and development
F.2. Subdivision Buffer Waiver, Re: Meadow Pointe (22SD00010)
Developer: DRMP, Inc. District 1
Department of Public Works

F.3. Adoption of Resolution and Release of Performance Bonds: Laurasia Division, Phase 2 –
District 4
Developer: The Viera Company
F.4. Dedication of Entry/Exit Easement and Sanitary Sewer Easement from Merritt
Country Mobile Home Park, LLC in connection with sewer connection to existing county
Sewerage network – District 2.
F.5. Resolution, Waterline and Ingress/Egress Easement and Deed of Sale for the City of Cocoa
for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Fleet Building – Precinct 1.
F.6. Approval, regarding: donation of 1) Temporary building easement from Abre Chase and
Kimberley Chase and 2) Drainage Easements from Suntree Master Homeowners
Oak Park Drainage Improvement Project Association, Inc. – District 4.
F.7. Approval, Re: Dedication of an easement for the reuse of a water main from the school property
Brevard Development, LLC for the Pinecrest Academy Space Coast Project – District 4.
F.8. Acceptance and approval, regarding: 1) Previously registered warranty deed from Green Leaf
Estates, LLC and 2) A Deed of Release from Greenleaf Estates Homeowners Association,
Limited liability company associated with Lot R-1, Green Leaf Lot – District 5.
F.9. Adoption of Resolution and Release of Performance Bond: Fox Glen Subdivision – District 1
Developer: DR Horton, Inc.
Social Services Group
Housing and social services
F.10. Approval, RE: Crosswinds Youth Services (JAC) Annual Assessment Report
Contract ($208,815)
Department of Parks and Recreation

F.11. Approval, Re: Grant Application Submitted to Florida Department of Emergency Management
Erna Nixon Park Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program, 1200 Evans
Road, West Melbourne, FL (Ward 5).
F.12. Approval, re: the written consent of the Brevard County Council to
Florida Power & Light Easement for Use of State-Owned Real Estate
The hills for the guy wire on the light pole extending to the Florida East Central regional rail line
Trail (District 1)
F.13. Approval, Re: Agreement on fire protection system and storm water maintenance
Urban Design Contract – Wickham Park Adaptive Recreation Centre, Urban Design
Number: ENGR2023-0012 (District 4)
Transit Services Department
F.14. Approval, Re: Authorization Resolution, Grant Recipient Information Form and Execution
Fiscal Year 2025 Grant Agreements Florida Transportation Commission
Grant for travel and equipment for disabled people
Public Security Group
fire brigade
F.15. Council Approval: Renewal of Interlocal Agreement Between the County and the United States
United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service – Merritt
Island National Wildlife Refuge.
Support Services Group
F.16. Proposed budgets for fiscal year 2025 for C
F.17. Approval of administrative costs and collection of business tax revenues – July 1, 2024 –
June 30, 2025
F.18. Approval, Re: Budget Amendment Requests
Central Services
F.19. Approval, Re: Notification and Sale of Surplus Property Identified as Tax Parcel Number
Number 23-36-22-00-766, by way of private sale to the owner of the neighbouring property –
District 2.
F.20. Authorization to announce a request for quotation for internal audit services