Congratulations to Arsenal for finally cracking down on season ticket scammers and fraudsters

I just read in the news today that Arsenal are making increasing efforts to address the demand for tickets.

Media reports that 24 season tickets were cancelled because they did not meet match attendance criteria.

The criteria for the upcoming season have also been tightened, informing holders they can only miss three out of 23 matches – four or more – and their licences will be stripped.

The club is also tightening rules on illegal ticket sales by con artists and season ticket holders.

They have disqualified 20,000 members and 54 season ticket holders for attempting to obtain or sell tickets in an unauthorised manner. The Gunners will also continue to increase their investment in anti-touting measures for the coming season. This includes developing greater online protection and dedicating more internal resources to taking action against the issue.

Finally, they found that many members, estimated to number about three hundred, who had applied for twenty or more tickets through the voting system had not received approval.

They decided to invite the approximately three hundred members mentioned to purchase tickets from a selected number of tickets for the match before Christmas.

I now see all of the above as positive moves by the club to reduce the number of ticket touts and season ticket holders trying to cash in on ticket sales, trying to ensure every seat is filled and acknowledging that the voting system is not the be-all and end-all.

Congratulations to the club for trying to make the system more reliable.



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