First pictures of two children, aged nine and 10, killed with their mother in Putin’s ‘genocidal’ massacre as Ukraine vows ‘eternal revenge’ – The Sun

The FIRST photos of two children who died in the “genocidal” massacre of the cruel Vladimir Putin have been released.

Maksym Simaniuk, 10, and his sister Anastasia, 9, were killed along with their mother Zoryana, 40, in one of the rocket attacks that rocked the capital and killed at least 41 civilians.


Maksym Simaniuk, 10, his sister Anastasia, 9, and their mother Zoriana Simaniuk, 40, were killed in Putin’s genocidal attack on Kiev, UkraineSource: East2West


A mother and her two children were at home when one of the rockets hit their apartment building.Source: East2West


A photo of the apartment building where Zoriana and her two children, as well as many other people, were killed.Source: East2West


Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital, one of the largest oncology hospitals in Ukraine, was hit by Russian missilesSource: Reuters


A bloodied child receives medical attention in hospital


Rescuers, medical personnel and volunteers were seen clearing rubble and searching for victims after Russia’s attackSource: AP


Woman breaks down as people seek shelter in basement of Ochmatdyt Children’s HospitalSource: Reuters

Their tragic deaths occurred when one of many Russian missiles hit a five-story apartment block in the city.

In this devastating wave of attacks, at least 12 people and four children, including Maksym and Anastasia, were killed.

Shocking photos show the ruins of the apartment block where the bodies of a brother, sister and their mother were discovered.

Shortly after the strike, their voices could be heard amidst the screams of children demanding help from under the rubble.

One resident who recorded a video of the incident said: “Friends, this is an apartment building. It’s on fire and people are screaming (in terror).

“That’s what the Russians do, that’s how they fight. That’s how they fight us.”

Maksim’s sports coach, Volodymyr Boev from the Ukrainian Karate Federation, said: “Russian terrorists killed our little champion Maksim Symaniuk.

“Hate is not enough. Revenge will be eternal.”

Daria Herasymchuk, Volodymyr Zelensky’s assistant for children’s rights and rehabilitation, said: “Children were pulled out from under the rubble.

“They were a 9-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy and their mother.

“These children certainly did not expect their lives to end this way.”


The attack on the apartment building came at the same time as a separate shell hit the Kiev children’s hospital, one of the worst attacks on civilians since the beginning of the war.

Shocking footage shows children injured in the attack being wheeled onto stretchers into an ambulance as he sobbed.

Another horrifying photo shows a child covered in blood in hospital.

A group of young cancer patients gathered with their parents and doctors, hooked up to IV drips, watching the whole situation in horror.

Children with cancer were forced to stop chemotherapy as doctors evacuated the hospital’s oncology ward.

Ukraine’s health minister said at least three sick children were undergoing open-heart surgery when the rockets struck.

Mother Marina Ploskonos said her 4-year-old son was recovering from spinal surgery when the shells struck.

She burst into tears and said, “My child is terrified. This shouldn’t happen, it’s a children’s hospital.”

Hate is not enough. Revenge will be eternal

One Ukrainian

One doctor even said that he threw himself at his patients to protect them from flying pieces of glass and debris.

Others helped colleagues and team members even though they themselves were injured.

Among the victims of the Russian attack on the children’s hospital was 30-year-old Svitlana Lukyanchik, a pediatric doctor specializing in kidney diseases.

She was an orphan from Lviv who, after graduating from the Ukrainian National Medical University, became an outstanding doctor.

One field journalist said that Lukyanchik wanted to “help the most defenseless children.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia carried out a “genocidal” attack on five cities.

He demanded that Moscow answer “for all crimes” against people, children and humanity.

His chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, accused Russia of “deliberately targeting” children.


The moment of impact of the Russian Kh-101 missile in Okhmatdyt, the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine


Hundreds of people gathered at the site of the bombing


Young cancer patients sit with their parents and doctors after an attack


Rescuers are searching for survivors in the rubble


A terrified man gestures in front of a hospital wreck.

Ukrainian sources reported today that 95 suspects have been identified in connection with Monday’s attacks in Ukraine, in particular on a children’s oncology hospital.

Molfar, a Ukrainian open-source intelligence group, said it had located the MiG pilots as well as military personnel from Air Force Base 06987 at Engels Airport and Air Force Base 33310 in Shaykovka.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko said: “They are involved in the attack on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital and Ukrainian cities on July 8, 2024.

“Data, photos, contact details of 95 Russian pilots, commanders, engineers and their families who gave orders and launched missiles at hospitals, residential buildings and children.

“And yes, the missile attack was intentional – the article includes a fact-check on the Russian attack carried out by Molfar that debunks Russian propaganda.”


EVIL Vladimir Putin reportedly spent more than $200 million on Monday’s horrific attack on a children’s hospital in Kiev that left at least 41 people dead.

The tyrant unleashed a series of hypersonic missiles and six-ton ​​warship killers in a precision strike against sick children, with military experts now calling on NATO leaders to “act decisively to deter Russia.”

They included a Kh-47M2 “Kinzhal” aeroballistic missile, four Iskander-M ballistic missiles, one 3M22 “Zircon” cruise missile and three Kh-59/Kh-69 guided missiles.

And the hideous explosion of 13 Kh-101 cruise missiles and 14 Kalibr cruise missiles.

A pair of giant 40-foot Kh-22 cruise missiles were also fired, destroying buildings.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported shooting down 30 of the 38 missiles fired.

Russia used “new and remarkable tactics” to inflict maximum damage, Institute for the Study of War says

Putin’s military fired low-altitude cruise missiles to prevent air defense systems from detecting them quickly enough to prevent an attack.

Former Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Colonel Yuri Ihnat said many of the missiles were as low as 160 feet above the ground.

Forbes reports that the cost of the missiles was between $160 and $200 million.


The shocking attack on Ukraine came as NATO leaders were due to travel to Washington for the organisation’s final meeting.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was supposed to be at the top of the tight timetable, but after the systematic shelling of Kiev, it was expected to take a long time.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told The Sun that the summit was an opportunity for the West to respond to Russia’s terrible attack by Putin.

He said: “NATO must act decisively to stop Russian attacks on hospitals and civilians. NATO must show military strength in Washington to stop Russia.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Russians bombed a children’s hospital and a maternity clinic in Kiev yesterday. That’s just what they do.”

Hamish called on the new UK Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer, to stand firm and decisively against his Russian adversary at the meeting.

The prime minister will arrive in Washington for a crucial summit tonight, just 24 hours after condemning the attack, calling it “the most despicable act”.

Sir Keir has an opportunity to put an end to these ‘Russian war crimes’, says Hamish.

Leaders from around the world are ready to strengthen their military alliance in the face of barbaric attacks as well as other ongoing global conflicts.


After a series of attacks, clouds of smoke were visible over Kiev


Experts urge Sir Keir Starmer to end ‘Russian war crimes’ at NATO summit today