While extinguishing a fire in Dropull, a firefighter suffered severe burns to his body and face.

Firefighter Romeo Sulejmani suffered serious injuries, partially burned on his face and body while “fighting” with flames in the villages of Lugar and Grapsh in the commune of Dropulli.

Doctors at the hospital report that the firefighter suffered second- and third-degree burns. To see his condition, the director general of the fire department, Arben Cara, visited the officer at the hospital.

Cara expressed her readiness to transfer the fire department to Tirana.

“Fortunately, the scale of the burn is not so serious as to complicate the situation. We are ready to do everything to cure him, we are ready to take him not only to Tirana, but also to other places, if necessary. The fires have caused damage to vegetation and forests, there is no damage to houses. The fires have reached the Dropulli area and are continuing all the way to the Muzina pass” he said.

Firefighter Sulejmani talks about moments fighting the fire.

“We fought the flames for hours, in many areas the fires were extinguished. We went to the mountainous areas because we only had a car for the mountainous areas and saved the church. Then we went back and extinguished other fires, and then the fire was threatening families and we went in to extinguish it” he said.