Chicago Bulls Draft Class Analysis

The Chicago Bulls are headed towards a rebuild. Losing DeMar DeRozan was the final nail in the coffin for the Bulls, as he will play for the Sacramento Kings next season, forming a big three between De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. The Bulls only had one pick in this year’s draft.

Let’s take a closer look at each choice they made and a summary of their project.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With their only draft pick, they selected Chicago native Matas Buzelis out of the G League Ignite program. Buzelis was at one point considered a potential No. 1 pick, but as the season progressed, his name fell off a bit on mock drafts and draft boards. The 6-foot-10 forward is a very good finisher around the rim due to his touch and creativity for his size.

He absolutely thrives in the open court, where he can showcase his versatility in finishing, ball-handling skills, and fluidity. There’s a chance Buzelis could become a very good two-way player in the NBA, as he has a high ceiling as a defender. He could be the best shot-blocker in the draft among all the wingers, and he also has very good lateral movement, which allows him to stop point guards off the dribble.

The potential to be a great all-around defender is very enticing. Buzelis has also shown flashes of being a capable secondary playmaker and ball handler, showing an advanced feel for the game. The young winger has a lot of potential on both ends of the court and has a chance to be one of the top players in this draft.

With the Bulls in rebuild mode, this pick makes a lot of sense because Buzelis is not a finished or finished product yet, so being in an environment where he doesn’t have to feel the pressure to win right away would be a huge relief for him and allow him to play with a lot of freedom. There have been rumors that the Bulls front office is actively trying to trade Zach LaVine and Nikola Vukcevic so they can truly commit to a full rebuild.

Losing DeRozan is certainly a bummer and it takes away their chances of competing for a playoff spot this upcoming season. Buzelis has the potential to become a high-level two-way player similar to Franz Wagner for the Orlando Magic. He still needs to improve as an outside shooter and get stronger, but give him a few years and he could be the face of the franchise.

It’s also great that Buzelis is from Chicago, so he understands how important it is for the Bulls to succeed, and that makes him more likely to stay committed to the Bulls long-term if both sides really want to make it happen. Overall, this was a very good draft for the Bulls, and the city of Chicago may be a little nervous about getting into rebuilding mode, but it should also be very excited about the future.

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