Boutique firm invests in law students and veterans

Books can catch students up on what they need to know for practice, but testing that knowledge in a law school clinic is one of the best learning experiences law school has to offer. The High Point University Kenneth F. Kahn School of Law is set to debut soon and is focused on providing students with experiential learning opportunities. They’re starting strong with a clinic that will train students interested in giving back to our veterans. From WXII 12:

High Point University plans to establish a free legal clinic within the Kenneth F. Kahn School of Law to help veterans obtain military benefits after being denied.

It’s all thanks to a donation from Bergmann & Moore, LLC. They’re based in Rockville, Maryland. They’re one of the largest law firms in the country that focuses exclusively on veterans benefits.

High Point School of Law plans to admit its first group of students this fall.

High Point University launches veterans law clinic (WXII)

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