Young Thug’s RICO Trial Indefinitely Suspended After Alleged ‘Improper’ Judge Meeting

Young Thug’s corruption trial has been suspended indefinitely.

The ongoing May 2022 lawsuit, which has been ongoing since the rapper was indicted, was put on hold after Fulton County, Georgia, Judge Ural Glanville was accused of misconduct, according to The New York Times and the BBC. On Monday, the judge agreed to send a motion to have him removed from the trial so another judge could weigh in, and the trial will remain on hold until then, the media reported.

Thug’s defense attorneys argued the judge held an “inappropriate” meeting with prosecutors and a key witness. Glanville has denied multiple motions to exclude him in the past few weeks. The jury has not heard arguments in two weeks, the Times reported.

The trial of Young Thug and others accused of extortion has been suspended after a judge accused them of having an “inappropriate” meeting.

Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel wins appeal against prison sentence for contempt of court: Reports

According to media reports, the judge said he would publish the transcript of the meeting.

Last month, the rapper’s attorney, Brian Steel, was arrested for alleged contempt of court after he refused to tell Glanville how he learned about the judge’s private meeting with prosecutors in the case. “You were given some information that you shouldn’t have been given,” Glanville told Steel, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The attorney was ordered to serve 20 days over 10 weekends, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and The Washington Post, but the Georgia Supreme Court granted his bail request, meaning he no longer had to report to jail.

Young Thug’s “Lifestyle” played out in court as Atlanta rapper faces RICO charges

Why is Young Thug on trial?

A Fulton County grand jury indicted Young Thug in May 2022. A second indictment in August 2022 charges Young Thug and 27 others with conspiring to violate the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO. The indictments contain 65 felony counts, six of which charge Young Thug.

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