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Faces of City Hall: Firefighter Griffin Guy Inspires the Next Generation

Posted 10:27 am Tuesday, July 9, 2024

As a child, Helena firefighter Griffin Guy idolized firefighters.

“When I was a kid, it was really, really cool for me to be able to go into the fire department,” Guy said. “It (gave me) someone to look up to and it put me on the path of what I wanted to do.”

Now an adult, Guy works for the Helena Fire Department and has the opportunity to inspire future generations.

On Wednesday, July 5, Guy joined his HFD colleagues, Fire Inspector Keith Martin and Firefighter Ed Lindsey, for a special visit to AIM Academy Preschool.

“Some of these kids might want to be firefighters when they grow up,” Guy said. “I think it’s really important to come here and give them access to these things and kind of give them a glimpse into a future in the fire service.”

In addition to enjoying a special day under the summer sun, HFD’s visit to the preschool had a greater purpose. Young children in emergency situations can react with fear when they see a firefighter.

Guy said that when he put on his full outfit, a few kids initially avoided him, but they eventually calmed down.

“At first, when you go in there, they’re a little scared,” Guy said. “But once you show them and take the mask off, they realize we’re just people like them.”

We hope that events like the firefighters’ visit to AIM Academy will help children understand that firefighters are there to help.

“I think the most important thing today is to get them familiar with our equipment,” Guy said. “If a fire breaks out, they’ll know what to look for and that we’re friends and not here to hurt them.”