Two women arrested in connection with investigation into Cavan pensioners’ charity scam

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“These women were not affiliated with the Irish Wheelchair Association”

A document that was used in Cavan

Two women were arrested on Monday 8th July on suspicion of defrauding unsuspecting pensioners in Cavan out of money.

They pretended to be raising money for the Irish Wheelchair Association.

“These women were not affiliated with the Irish Wheelchair Association,” gardaí said in a statement.

“Please be vigilant towards people collecting money for charity,” they added.

Documents presented to officers revealed the pair had collected at least 170 euros on Monday.

People collecting donations for charitable purposes must have appropriate permits and must produce identification upon request.

Members of the public alleged that the women were robbing elderly people.

“These people were in Bailieborough outside the post office last Friday. They took money from a relative of mine after receiving her pension but luckily I was alert and asked her for her ID, she gave me the money without hesitation, I contacted the staff at Super Valu,” wrote one.

“Yes, we had a similar situation where on two different occasions two girls pretended to skydive for the Irish Dog Trust or something and when they refused they were not very happy,” wrote another.

“Horrible exploitation of elderly people in the collection of pensions,” said a third.

“One of them looks like my grandfather’s handwriting, but I’m not sure if the money will be returned to those who were scammed?” asked another

“Oh my god the level these scammers have gone to is disgusting, I’m so glad they were caught,” another commenter said.