VFD Hires Full-Time Firefighters – Valdosta Today

VALDOSTA – The Valdosta Fire Department is currently looking for permanent firefighters who would like to make a difference in the city.


Advance your career with the Valdosta Fire Department!

Are you looking for a rewarding career that truly makes a difference? We are hiring full-time firefighters ready for a journey of courage, commitment and community service.

Why is it worth joining us?

Dynamic work: Take part in a variety of risky situations, from extinguishing fires to working in the emergency services.

The best training: Receive comprehensive training and continually develop new skills.

Community Impact: Make a positive difference in the Valdosta community.

Team Friendship: Join a close-knit, supportive team.

Career development: Clear advancement paths and leadership opportunities.

Who are we looking for:

  • I am passionate about helping others
  • Adaptable to rapidly changing conditions
  • Strong team players
  • Ready for the challenge

Apply now at and become part of a proud legacy of courage and service. Application deadline is July 24!