District Summer School Helps Thousands of Students | News, Sports, Jobs

More than 7,500 students participate in one of the many summer school programs offered by the Lee County School District to enable them to continue their education.

“The total number of students in kindergarten through 12th grade is 7,533. The top three programs are high school credit recovery, third grade reading camp, and extended summer learning for grades K-8. I can say with certainty that 1,940 students are in elementary school.” said district spokesman Rob Spicker. “I can say with certainty that 4,000 of the 7,533 people are studying in secondary school or junior high school.”

One of the many options for elementary school-age students is the iReady Summer Program, which has 1,298 students registered. In this program, students must spend 45 minutes a week on reading and 45 minutes a week on math, with a 70% pass rate in the classes.

“Learning paths are customized to better meet the individual needs of each student, so the difficulty level of lessons will increase or decrease based on each student’s data in the program” said Spiker. “Families will receive weekly communications to help parents assess their child’s progress. Administrators monitor data and contact students/parents when data indicates a need for intervention.”

The Scholastic Summer Reading Program is another option for elementary-age students. Spicker said that in the first two weeks, 230 students joined and connected virtually with teachers to read and discuss different books of the week, as well as work on the Scholastic Weekly Reader: Summer Express workbook.

The school district also offered multiple face-to-face summer programs for elementary school-age students. One of these programs is the voluntary VPK, a summer program for 4-year-olds entering kindergarten in the 2024-2025 school year who did not participate in VPK this school year. Other programs include an extended year for ESE students; a third-grade reading camp for invited students; an ELL science camp; and an ELL language camp for students receiving services through the ESOL program.

One option for in-person classes at the high school is credit recovery. Spicker said it is a summer program for 8th graders who need credit recovery to advance. He said 6th and 7th graders can participate. All students must be attending a Lee County school during the 2022-2023 school year.

Several other in-person options include an ESE Extended Year, an ELL Science Camp, and an ELL Language Camp for students receiving ESOL program services.

There is also a high school catch-up opportunity available to students in grades ninth through twelfth.

Spicker said they also offer a graduate boot camp, a summer program for students who need extra support in preparing for the required EOC exam or the state ELA FAST exam.

“Students will take the EOC/FAST/Concordant test during the summer state testing period” he said.

High school students also had the opportunity to participate in the SOS Summer Enrichment Program, which offers unique opportunities to learn through arts, leadership and professional development activities.