Ninty Media’s Next Book Tackles the Game Boy Advance

Image: @NintyMedia

Ninty Media has already given us the GameBook and GameBook Color, and now the publisher is ready to show off its latest installment, the GameBook Advance (no prizes for guessing which member of the Game Boy family it is).

Described as “a 350+ page premium book dedicated to the Game Boy Advance,” the GameBook Advance will be “packed with insights, nostalgia, retrospectives and bespoke artwork,” Ninty Media says.

Contributors include Tim Street (former NOM editor), Faith Johnson (Retro Fusion), Liam Robertson (Did You Know Gaming), Ryan Craddock (Nintendo Life), Dani Cross (freelance journalist), James Tocchio (freelance journalist), Matt Poskitt (freelance journalist), Nolan Good (freelance journalist), Nathan Ellingsworth (Dexerto), Nick Thorpe (Retro Gamer) and Shaun Hughes (Lost in Cult) – with many more “still to be ordered”.

The text will be accompanied by artwork by Jay Cobs, Jonathan Traynor, Thiago Radice, Iago Machado, Sarah Jones, PewZero and Raphaella Silva – and there will be the usual selection of bespoke photographs.

The book is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now and has almost surpassed its initial funding goal of £20,000.