Suspended Drew McIntyre to return to WWE Raw next week

Before CM Punk blew off the remnants of his slowly developing feud with Seth Rollins on the July 8 episode of WWE Strictadded a few pennies to his program with Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre was suspended indefinitely for raising his hands at WWE officials, including Raw General Manager Adam Pearce. This happened when he stormed Money in the bank after the show on Saturday in response to Punk thwarting his attempt to turn Drew’s Money in the Bank briefcase he had won earlier that night into a world heavyweight title — yet another instance of the Scot being deprived of a coveted prize.

As Punk explained last night, his vow to ensure McIntyre never becomes world champion is a consequence of Drew’s actions — namely, picking the fight with Punk. While he was also fined for what he did in Toronto ($25,000, according to Punk), the Chicago native doesn’t want to face the larger fines that would be handed out for attacking a suspended wrestler… so he asked for Drew’s suspension to be lifted.

It didn’t happen right away, but Pearce plans to invite McIntyre to a meeting next Monday.


The suspension drama is likely a delaying tactic while WWE determines whether Punk will be cleared of the charges in time. Summer Slam clash with McIntyre, so there will be a lot of interest in whether Drew will be called out next Monday.

This program will also feature a direct clash between the current heavyweight world champion and his Summer Slam challenger Gunter and a singles match between Sheamus and Big Bronson Reed.