Jerele Neeld has been promoted to CIO at City

Jerele Neeld

The Chattanooga City Council has approved Mayor Tim Kelly’s selection of Jerele Neeld as Chattanooga’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). He has served as Chattanooga’s interim CIO since March.

Mr. Neeld joins the city after a successful career at Dell Technologies, where he spent more than 20 years in leadership positions, most recently as Vice President of Global Localization and Context Design and Development. He served as Director of Intelligent Cities for the City of Chattanooga before being asked to assume the role of Interim CIO.

Mayor Kelly said, “Since taking over as Interim CIO, Jerele has demonstrated strong leadership. His strategic thinking, calm demeanor, and genuine concern for his team have been consistently evident.

“We are fortunate that Jerele felt a calling to public service after retiring from Dell and moving from Austin to Chattanooga. I look forward to working with him as we continue to leverage technology to make city government more efficient and responsive to the needs of our people.”

Mr. Neeld said: “I want to thank Mayor Kelly and the City Council for trusting me to continue serving in this important role. Since joining the City in January, I have been motivated by the public servants at the Department of Technology Services who are committed to providing the best possible service to the citizens of Chattanoga.

“I continue to be inspired by Mayor Kelly’s vision for One Chattanooga and his belief in the power of technology to improve the lives of Chattanooga residents. I believe the Department of Technology Services can set an example of how governments are using technology to find innovative solutions to everyday problems.”