The Birthday Boy Trailer: A Comedy-Drama

“The Birthday Boy” promises audiences a hilarious and thrilling adventure with its unique blend of comedy and drama.

Directed by NRI duo Whisky and I. Bharatth and produced by Bomma Barusu Productions, the film follows five friends who, despite their resolve to abstain from alcohol, find themselves breaking it to celebrate their friend’s birthday.

What starts as a fun party takes a dark turn when a tragic accident occurs: the birthday boy accidentally falls onto a glass table, resulting in a fatal injury.

As the friends grapple with the consequences of their actions, the plot thickens with unexpected twists and turns.

Amidst the chaos, the deceased’s brother steps in as a lawyer, discovering that the incident may not have been a simple accident but a carefully orchestrated murder.

This revelation sends shockwaves through the group, turning their party night into a captivating mystery.

Filmed with Sync Sound for a natural and immersive experience, “The Birthday Boy” benefits from high production values ​​and a unique color grading technique by a Hollywood colorist, ensuring visually stunning scenes.

Starring Ravi Krishna, Sameer Malla and Rajeev Kanakala in the lead roles, the film captures the essence of friendship, betrayal and the quest for truth in a compelling narrative.

Set against the backdrop of NRI return to Hyderabad, this film not only entertains but also explores cultural transitions and the complexity of relationships.

The anticipation is high, with audiences eagerly awaiting the film’s release on July 19, expecting a cinematic treat filled with humor, suspense and emotional depth. Don’t miss out on discovering the secrets of “The Birthday Boy.”