Video: Ohio police officer personally buys formula for woman who can’t breastfeed newborn

Miami Township (Ohio) Police Department Corporal Hunter Willougby buys formula milk to help a desperate mother feed her newborn.Screenshot from Miami Township PD

When a distraught young mother called 911 in Miami Township, Ohio, on June 15 for help because she was unable to feed her week-old baby, a Township police officer responded to the scene.

The woman told 911 her milk had dried up and she needed formula.

So Corporal Hunter Willoughby went to the local Meijer grocery store, asked them to open it, and used his own money to buy powdered milk and bottles.

Willoughby brought the items to the desperate mother, who refused to accept any payment, the department said on Facebook.

“You don’t often hear about everything a police officer does during their shift, but I did, and this is an example of the Miami Township Way,” said Chief Mike Mills.