Grandview wins lawsuit against some residents blocking construction of solar project

GRANDVIEW, Ind. (WEHT) — Grandview has won a lawsuit against some residents who opposed the Grandview Solar project.

Some people were hoping to block development on what they call “good farmland.” A Dubois County judge says he has no problem getting construction started.

Eyewitness News reported that at least 100 people are opposed to the development. One of those hundreds — named Jim Kost — is saddened by the decision.

“I wish Grandview would wake up and see what’s happening to this little town,” Kost says. “It’s going to be ruined. There are about 125 people in town who don’t want that.”

Kost has been a Grandview resident for more than 50 years. He is unhappy with Judge Nathan Verkamp’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit filed by residents seeking to stop the project.

Developers at Grandview Solar want to put solar panels on what Eyewitness News reports are hundreds of acres.

“I think there’s a lot of land north of here that’s reclaimed coal land that they could have put this on,” Kost says. “It’s just a shame they brought this to our town. We have to see it every day.”

When Eyewitness News spoke with project representatives in June, they were told the community would receive $20 million in tax money and another $650,000 for sewer upgrades in Grandview.

Kost, however, is convinced that city residents do not want this investment and that agricultural land will be permanently destroyed.

“This farmland here — it’s been farmed for years and can still be farmed,” Kost says. “I think it’s too close to the city. Farmland will be given away in, let’s say, 20 years. I don’t think the land is worth shit. The land won’t be profitable.”

Kost tells Eyewitness News he believes property values ​​will also be destroyed.

City residents have 30 days to ask the court to reconsider the decision or to appeal it.

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