Former US President Donald Trump threatens to jail ‘election fraudster’ Mark Zuckerberg – Firstpost

In his ongoing narrative, Trump has promised that if re-elected, he will pursue and imprison those he deems to be “voter fraudsters.” Image source: Reuters, Reuters

Donald Trump recently threatened to jail “voter fraudsters,” including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in a post on Truth Social. The threat comes as Trump remains a prominent figure in American politics with a real chance of re-election in November.

Trump’s tweet, in which he called Zuckerberg “Zuckerbucks,” coincided with his support for the SAVE Act, a Republican-led initiative that aims to prevent undocumented immigrants from voting in federal elections — a practice that is already illegal in the U.S.

Trump has previously accused Facebook of conspiring against him, despite the platform being a significant conduit for his claims.

After being banned from Facebook following the failed January 6 coup, Trump regained the ability to advertise on the platform. His ongoing complaints about Zuckerberg include baseless allegations of election fraud, and he has repeatedly called for Zuckerberg to be prosecuted.

In his ongoing narrative, Trump has promised that if reelected, he will pursue and imprison those he deems “voter fraudsters,” hinting at a campaign of retribution against his enemies. He has even called for military tribunals to prosecute figures like former Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney for opposing him and suggested executing Gen. Mark Milley for treason.

Despite these alarming statements, Trump remains a formidable candidate in the upcoming election. The latest polling data shows him ahead of President Joe Biden, with Trump on 42.1 percent, Biden on 39.9 percent and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on 9.5 percent.

It seems unlikely that Biden will give way to another candidate, such as Kamala Harris, although some Democrats had called for him to do so after Biden’s disappointing debate performance with Trump.

The closeness of the race is underscored by historical and current polling data. For example, Biden’s narrow 2020 victory in Wisconsin by just 20,682 votes is now juxtaposed with a new AARP poll showing Trump ahead of Biden in the state.

Polling data suggests that those who prioritize democracy and the rule of law face a difficult task in the face of a potential return to power for Trump.

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