Wedding Band Jellyroll Drops Trademark Lawsuit Against Jelly Roll – 97.9 WRMF

ABC/Robbie Klein

Solo musician roulade — two words — have emerged victorious in a trademark lawsuit filed by a Philadelphia wedding band called rouladeone word.

As we reported earlier, Jellyroll, the name of the wedding band led by the musician Kurt Titchenellaccused Jelly Roll, the singer of “Save Me”, born Jason DeFordtrademark infringement. However, Tuesday court documents obtained by ABC News said Titchenell voluntarily withdrew the lawsuit without prejudice, meaning he will not refile it in the future.

Notice board reports that Titchenell said in a statement that he had reached an “amicable agreement” with the award-winning singer and that he would continue to use the name Jellyroll Team for your wedding company.

However, the court documents related to the withdrawal of the suit do not mention anything about the settlement, and Jelly Roll’s lawyer apparently did not sign them. ABC Audio has contacted Titchenell’s lawyer.

As previously reported, Titchenell’s initial complaint claimed that his band had been performing under the name Jellyroll since 1980; he trademarked the name in 2010. Jelly Roll, a singer who got his stage name from his mother, began releasing mixtapes under the name in 2003. Titchenell claims that by using the name, Jelly Roll was infringing on his trademark.

The lawsuit sought a court order prohibiting Jelly Roll from using the name, arguing that continued use would “irreparably harm” Titchenell and cause “actual confusion, mistake and deception” in the marketplace.

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