Jannik Sinner has a serious problem in long matches

Jannik the Sinner he was considered by many to be the main favorite to win Wimbledon Championships 2024but his run ended unexpectedly in the quarter-finals against the great Daniil MedvedevThe Russian, who has lost his last five matches against the Italian, including the 2024 Australian Open final, played a brilliant match on Centre Court, making very few mistakes and showing more aggressive tennis than usual.

Jannik the Sinner© Pool / Getty Images Team

Jannik played below his usual level due to a virus that weakened him hours before the match, forcing him off the court in the third set. The Italian tried his best to turn the match around, but poor play at the start of the fifth set sealed the win for Medvedev.

Sinner, who will certainly remain the world No. 1 even after Wimbledon, suffered his fourth defeat of 2024, perhaps the most painful. The Australian Open champion is expected to play the ATP Bastad next week, but his physical condition will have to be assessed. His big goal is the Olympic Games in Paris, where he hopes to win a gold medal for Italy.

The sinner suffered from a disease

There are several reasons behind the defeat of the world number 1, first of all his physical condition, which did not help him during the match. The failure in the second set was decisive for the result. Despite regaining strength and equalizing the score, he lost the decisive set. For the sake of order, we must also mention the statistics, which do not show the Italian shining in long matches.

From 2021 Sinner lost seven matches in Grand Slam tournaments that were complicated and lasted more than 4 hours. A worrying statistic that highlights one of the few areas where the Italian still doesn’t excel. Jannik has worked hard on the sporting side, which has led to some very remarkable results, but perhaps, compared to his more established rivals, this is an area where he can still improve significantly.

Jannik Sinner and Daniil Medvedev© Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport Staff

During a press conference after the match with Medvedev, Sinner admitted that he hadn’t slept much the night before the match: “I didn’t feel the best this morning. I had some problems. Then the fatigue, it was tough. But not to belittle Daniil. I think he played very smart. He played good tennis. That’s it. I walked off the court. I didn’t want to walk off. The physiotherapist told me that it would be better if I took some time because he was watching me and I didn’t seem to be in the right shape to play. I had physical problems. It wasn’t an easy moment. I tried to fight with what I had today,” he said.

“I was surprised that I extended the match. Two years ago, I retired a lot. I don’t want to retire if it’s just a little bit of illness or sickness,” Sinner added. “I was still in shape to play. In the fifth set, I felt a little better. The energy level was a little bit higher. Today, the energy level wasn’t consistent. It was sometimes higher, sometimes lower. It’s also not easy to deal with situations on the court. It happens. I never thought about retiring. The fans definitely helped me a lot, trying to motivate me. You don’t want to retire in the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam.”

Jannik Sinner surprised everyone this year

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Italian ace Paolo Bertolucci commented on Sinner’s defeat by Medvedev in London: “The Big Three (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic) have for years presented a distorted vision of the sport, giving the impression that you can always win in any situation. Not true, losing to the world number 5 and former number one is normal. It is also true that at Wimbledon we have never seen the explosive version of Jannik that we saw in the first four months of the season: the stoppage against Medvedev is tactically motivated, the Russian has moved closer to the bottom line to dictate the rallies rather than go through them and perhaps he needed more variations that Jannik rarely used.”

Jannik the Sinner© Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport Staff

Jannik is having the best season of his career, which allowed him to win his first Grand Slam at the Australian Open and become the world No. 1 with 4 titles in 2024. The Italian has contributed to the spread of tennis in his country and is a reference for young people. Sinner and Alcaraz will be reference points on the tour for at least the next decade.