Swiss coffee trader arrested in Guatemala on tax chargesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

A Swiss coffee trader is currently under house arrest in Guatemala on tax fraud charges, according to numerous media reports in Switzerland and Guatemala.

Neither Swiss nor Guatemalan authorities have released the name of the arrested man, although Guatemalan news agency Prensa Libre reported in June that 68-year-old Ulrich Gurtner Kappler had been arrested on tax fraud charges.

Kappler serves as CEO of the Guatemalan coffee cooperative association Fedecocagua, which is made up of a network of large regional producer cooperatives.

Guatemalan authorities accused Kappler of money laundering in May 2023.

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Fedecocagua did not immediately respond to DCN’s request for comment.

In a report by Swiss news group Tamedia, the former Swiss ambassador to Guatemala suggested that the arrest and detention were politically motivated and the charges were fabricated.

The Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) told the Keystone-SDA news agency that it was aware of the case and was in contact with the Guatemalan authorities.

DCN has contacted the FDFA and numerous other authorities in Switzerland and Guatemala and will update this article as new information becomes available.

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