Scary moment: Boeing 757 wheel bounces on runway after detaching

By Noa Halff for Dailymail.Com

21:19 09 Jul 2024, updated 21:25 09 Jul 2024

Shocking footage shows the wheel of a Boeing 757 bouncing off the runway during takeoff.

A United Airlines flight was taking off from Los Angeles on Monday when it crashed, sending one of the main landing gear wheels rolling across the runway.

The plane, carrying 174 passengers and seven crew members, miraculously landed safely in Denver despite the failure.

United Airlines confirmed the incident in a statement: “The wheel was recovered in Los Angeles. We are investigating the cause of the incident.”

It is the latest incident in a series of troubling problems plaguing faulty Boeing planes.

Shocking footage shows Boeing 757 wheel bouncing off runway after lifting off during takeoff
A United Airlines flight was taking off from Los Angeles on Monday when it crashed, sending one of the main landing gear wheels rolling across the runway.

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A similar incident occurred in March, when a United Boeing B777-200 lost a tire after taking off from San Francisco.

Then on March 7, the vehicle crashed and hit a car in the airport employee parking lot.

In April, a Southwest Boeing 737-800 lost its engine cowling during takeoff.

In January, a door pin broke on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max during flight.

This comes just days after the company announced it would plead guilty to fraud related to the approval of the 737 Max. Two of those planes crashed off the coast of Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing 346 people.

The American aerospace giant apparently concluded that admitting to a crime was a better option than fighting the charges and enduring a lengthy, public trial.

In a legal filing late Sunday night — minutes before a midnight deadline — the Justice Department unsealed the deal and said the fraud charge was “the most serious, easily provable offense” that could be brought against Boeing.

Prosecutors say Boeing will pay another $243.6 million fine, which will be equivalent to the penalty it paid in 2021 for the same crime.

The Justice Department says the fraud conviction will hold Boeing accountable for “false statements” it made to regulators that certified the 737 Max plane in 2017.

The disasters occurred in 2018 and 2019, less than five months apart.

The incident is strikingly similar to one in March when a United Boeing 777-200 lost a tire, this time after takeoff from San Francisco (pictured above)

The company is still facing investigations into the explosion of a panel on an Alaska Airlines Max plane in January, increased scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration and accusations from current and former employees of poor workmanship and reprisals against whistleblowers.

The Boeing settlement would raise the damages to $487.2 million, which the Justice Department said was the legal maximum for the alleged fraud.

The agreement also requires the company to invest at least $455 million in safety improvements.

He will be under court supervision for three years, and the Justice Department will appoint an independent monitor to oversee Boeing’s compliance with the terms of the settlement.

Boeing’s board will also be required to meet with the victims’ families.