Netizens recall numerous instances where YouTuber Tzuyang appeared on shows with her hands bruised or bandaged by an abusive ex-boyfriend

The Story of a Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyangwho admitted that she experienced abuse, violence and extortion from her ex-boyfriendAND“has been causing a stir in various online communities in South Korea for four years.

In the early morning hours of July 11, KST Tzuyang went live with her legal representatives to confess that she had suffered as a victim of abuse, violence, and extortion for 4 years. She said: “I was beaten every day during the broadcast. Sometimes I even went on the broadcast with a bruised face.”

Even greater outrage among netizens was caused by the fact that when Tzuyang filed charges against “A”, the ex-boyfriend committed suicide, which allowed the case to be closed without any charges being pressed.

In light of recent news, the topic of Tzuyang’s frequently “bruised” arms has resurfaced. In the past, many of her viewers have pointed out her bruised arms during her streams, asking if she’s a “clumsy person” who often hurts herself.

However, after learning the reason for Tzuyang’s frequent injuries, Korean netizens were furious. In particular, many pointed out that the bruises on the YouTuber’s arms were defensive wounds, often occurring on the hands and forearms if the victim of violence raised them to protect their head and face.

Some people commented,

“This really breaks my heart.”

“I honestly kept thinking those bruises were from cooking… I can’t imagine how much she suffered from TT.”

“I can’t believe I noticed these bruises before but I never suspected anything TTTT.”

“I feel so stupid for never suspecting anything… I thought those bruises were from working out…”

“I was watching those TT videos. I was just focused on eating TT.”

“I’m so angry…”

“How could someone do this to such a little girl… It’s infuriating.”

“How did she endure it all…”

“Can someone please take this asshole out of his coffin and rip him apart?”

“I am learning about defensive wounds for the first time thanks to this… As another woman, I will be more aware of my surroundings from now on.”

“The fact that no one suspected that such terrible things were happening to this famous YouTuber… TT.”