Foreign cyberattack blocks 5 Macau government websites for 45 minutes

Authorities in the city neighbouring Hong Kong said a foreign cyberattack left five Macau government websites unavailable for 45 minutes and the local internet service provider had access to them for more than three hours.

Macau’s Office of the Secretary for National Security said on Thursday that its website, the Public Security Forces, the Fire Department Bureau, the Macau Public Security Forces Office and the Public Security Forces Academy had been closed due to “scattered denial-of-service attacks from abroad.”

Authorities said the attacks on the sites took place at around 8pm on Wednesday.

The security office said an investigation had been launched to determine the source of the attack.

It took services and city internet service providers 45 minutes to restore access to the affected websites.

Macau authorities have not disclosed how many people were affected by the attack. Photo: Shutterstock

However, users of CTM, one of four internet service providers in Macau, were unable to access sites until 11pm, more than three hours after the attack was detected.

Authorities said other providers gained access to the websites without changes.

Macau authorities did not disclose how many people were injured in the attack.

They said they had requested a report and a corrective action plan to prevent similar incidents in the future.

City authorities have been contacted for comment.