“Easy to store in your purse”

Whether your other summer travel plans involve hopping across countries or heading to the beach for a long weekend, you’ll need a trusty toothbrush to keep your teeth fresh and clean from morning to night. But finding an electric toothbrush that gets the job done without clogging up your luggage with bulky cases and battery chargers can be tough — until now! Introducing: the Aquasonic Icon Travel Toothbrush, your ticket to spotless incisors, even when you’re on the go. Right now, it’s just $19 on Amazon, down from $30 — a sweet 35% savings.


This sleek little wonder is ADA compliant and comes complete with a matching case and magnetic mount, making it a great choice for both home and work. AND trip.

$19 on Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

The Aquasonic Icon is currently just $19, thanks to the double-off discount you get when you apply an on-site coupon. That’s a 35% savings off the $30 price tag — a pretty good deal on a toothbrush that reviewers are calling a “travel must-have”! It’s currently $6 cheaper than the also-popular Philips One by Sonicare Travel Toothbrush , so we recommend taking advantage of this savings opportunity before Prime Day if you’re planning on traveling the rest of this summer.

What do I need this for?

If you’re looking for a toothbrush that’s great for at home, on the go, and/or on all your travels this summer and beyond, the Aquasonic Icon is a great option for easy, convenient brushing and storage. It’s approved by the American Dental Academy and helps you maintain your oral hygiene with a built-in smart timer that lets you know when to switch from quarter to quarter when brushing your pearly whites. Brush your teeth as you normally would with this handy little number—the micro-vibrations of the toothbrush help to enhance your clean, leaving you feeling completely refreshed.

Its lithium-ion battery gives you 30 days or more of toothbrush use on a single charge, which is great for travel — but the best part for intrepid travelers is the included case (ultra-slim for easy packing!) and magnetic holder that helps keep your toothbrush safe and accessible when not in use. Choose from a variety of eye-catching colors, from pretty pastels like mint, pink, and lavender to neutrals like navy, black, and stone — all currently on sale for $19.

A beloved branded toothbrush that’s perfect for travel? Now it is Icon. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Aquasonic’s easy-to-store washer is seeing a surge in interest (600 new purchases in the past month alone), with many praising the included carrying case and slim profile, which are perfect for summer travel.


“I really like this toothbrush for travel,” a reviewer shared. “It’s lightweight and easy to carry. … The bristles are soft and the vibrations are gentle. I think it’s good enough to clean my teeth but not so strong that my gums are tender. I usually travel with my Sonicare, but the case and charger are bigger and more cumbersome. I was looking for a lighter, more compact alternative. This one really ticked all the boxes. I liked it so much that I bought one for my son and told all my friends who travel a lot to buy one too.”

One shopper insisted, “I like it even better than my Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening toothbrush” — high praise, considering one of them has been called the “Ferrari of toothbrushes”! The same fan added, “(The Icon) is great for travel. Perfect size and fits everywhere in its case.”

“This is a really great electric toothbrush! My teeth feel so clean after using it,” raves one superfan. “My favorite thing about this toothbrush is the 30-second (timer that tells you) when to move on to the next quadrant. It’s not noisy like other electric toothbrushes. … The travel case is so conscientious! Another thing I love about it is the magnetic holder, which keeps the toothbrush from sitting on a dirty countertop.”

A fourth added that it is “very gentle on the gums” and “easy to store in your purse.”


“It does its job beautifully, but can be a bit lacking in power depending on your needs,” the user noted. “For me, it’s perfect. I look forward to brushing my teeth during my routine, they feel so fresh afterwards.”

The magnetic holder seems to be a sticking point for some reviewers: “One downside, but nothing against the toothbrush, is the magnetic wall mount. It’s not strong enough to hold the toothbrush. Don’t hang it on the wall because it will fall off,” said one five-star reviewer. Another added, “I’ve found that if you use (the magnetic holder) in a humid environment, it doesn’t hold up very well, so it’s better to use it by the sink or somewhere that’s not constantly wet.”


Choose from seven colors—mint, lavender, pastel pink, navy, black, pearl white, and stone gray—each one is just $19 with the on-page coupon.

$19 on Amazon

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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